We are a non-profit organization who have taken up the initiative to help the under-privileged by giving them a book for each book bought through AUGUST BLANKS


Our Vision

Every child in the world has access to a notebook every year for his education


We aim to give a million books this academic year.

ABOUT The Founder

Akshay Pidikiti had the privilege of traveling around the world selling notebooks and in these journeys he had a myriad of experiences that shaped his existence today.

The stark differences between the level of education and resources in developed and non-developed countries had a profound impact and led him to explore various way in which the gap could be bridged between such nations. 

AUGUST BLANKS was an initiative started to give out free books to under privileged children every academic year. This is his sincere attempt to create a social impact by making like-minded organizations part of this initiative to ensure the well being of the under privileged by providing books.