Our Community


We at August Blanks believe in creating an impact in people’s lives. Empowerment has played a key role in our small success story. We are very proud of our accomplishments this first year and would like to empower children to experience the feeling of impact.


To make sure as many kids in the world have a notebook this academic year.


  1. To empower children with skills of social entrepreneurship
  2. To inculcate the social values of caring at a young age.
  3. To experience the value of creating a impact.


  • Planning
  • Decision making
  • Interacting with people,
  • Money Management
  • Business ethics ...and much more.

We believe that if children at a young age go out and help people by creating a impact in their lives.The experience is imprinted in their thought of ideas and will model them as they grow to be a more compassionate being.


This July, every volunteer will be given sample August Blanks to sell. Every August blanks book a person buys will have a book given to underprivileged on his behalf. You can even see who is receiving the book on your behalf.
This will enable us to create a bond between two people and communities.


On August 1st, the kid who has sold the most books will be rewarded a trip to India and will spend time with these children, get to communicate and understand their issues.

How to Participate

If you wish to participate in our community initiative, please drop an email to akshay@augustblanks.com with the subject 'Community - Volunteer' and our admins will get in touch with you.

Looking forward for your support. Thank you.