Our Kickstarter Campaign is a success!

During the inception of August Blanks, we were very clear on one thing - Reach out to as many people as possible on Kickstarter. And we are incredibly happy to announce that we reached our hugely ambitious target of $25000 on Kickstarter in less than a month.

It was an incredible effort on behalf of everybody involved with our project, especially our family and friends, whose support through their social media and personal contacts helped us gain an initial momentum. As time ticked by, so did our incredibly generous contributors who supported us fully with messages of support trickling in as they became backers of our cause.

We received orders from across the world - Netherlands, Australia, UK, Canada, India, USA and others - and we couldn't be happier that our project found such generous endorsements from various backers. 

Kickstarter was a powerful tool which helped understand our marketing ability and more importantly the resonance of our message across various groups of people in multiple countries. As we move forward to supply all books requested by our backers, we have also started distributing books that were promised to be donated to the children in need.

We reached out to more than 5000 children so far thanks to your Kickstarter backing and as we move forward, we expect the number to grow exponentially.

Thank you for your support!